How to Relocate Abroad and Travel The World At The Same Time

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I went on a holiday in Melbourne, Australia and had such an amazing three weeks that I decided to move there for good after nearly a decade of working in Silicon Valley. But instead of flying out and moving into my new home straightaway, I opted to see more of the world first. Yes, you can move to a new country and travel at the same time.

That’s not it!

I love the fact that in huge countries like Australia where we might accumulate lots of “Stuff” in the form of a washing machine, a bed, furniture,a piano and so on. In this case it is important to find the best interstate removalists that have a huge network and experience in moving from people from say Melbourne to Sydney.

Here’s how I did it.

I booked a month-long cruise.

Before I moved to the other side of the world, I booked a month long British Isles Cruise, which started from Fort Lauderdale in Florida and ended in Southampton, UK. Along the way we got to visit Portugal, Spain, France, England, Ireland, and Scotland. The ship even made a port of call twice in France (for Paris and Normandy)!

For me, cruising is one of the most relaxing ways to see the world. I don’t have to look for hotels, book flights, catch trains, and make car rental arrangements. I’m instantly on vacation mode as soon as I set foot on the ship. Itineraries are taken care of and there’s no need to lug suitcases around from one place to another – I have to unpack only once!

As I thought about it, the best part of the entire experience was I got to explore several countries in one trip. I got to enjoy all the highlights each destination had to offer and didn’t have to go through a series of travel hits and misses. I was completely pampered – it was quality “me-time” before I embarked on another adventure, which was living overseas.

The moving to Melbourne preparations were underway while I was on a holiday!

Before moving to Melbourne, I hired an interstate removals company called: Santa Fe Wridgways who were capable of handling every aspect of moving overseas, and between states; from packing and picking up all my possessions from my old place, to delivery and setting them all up in my new apartment. I was worry-free throughout the cruise knowing experts were on top of the situation.

Moving abroad and traveling the world is very doable – the secret is to get the help of relocation experts who provide door-to-door moving services to make the transition to new country as smooth and stress-free as a cruise trip!

Affordable Luxury – See the World from the Deck of a Cruise Ship


Cruises are among the most popular of all vacations, and it is easy to understand why those seagoing getaways are so popular. As hotel and airfare prices have continued to rise, cruises have become an even better value. When you consider that a single night at a 5-star hotel can cost upwards of $200 or even $300, it is easy to see why a deep discount cruise package is such an attractive value.


The fact that modern cruise liners are so impressive in their scale and their accommodations helps too. Those new cruise ships are like 5-star hotels in themselves ones that float from one port to another. Consumers have benefited greatly as the cruise companies have raced toward the newest, biggest and best ships on the sea.


The economy has also strangely benefited consumers who are anxious to try out a cruise vacation, as well as cruise enthusiasts who simply cannot wait to get back on the water. As the recession deepened, cruise companies began to offer better and better prices, and that means some excellent value for those savvy travelers.


If you are flexible with your scheduling, you may be able to save even more money. The economy has resulted in some incredible sales, and that means you may be able to hit the high seas for a week, for less than the cost of a few nights at a hotel. Cruising also means you save the money you would have otherwise spent on rental cars, baggage handling and other incidentals With a cruise vacation, especially a discount one, you unpack only once, and your hotel moves with you.


Do you yearn to experience the vacation of a lifetime at a vice you can afford? If so, just check out all the great deals on cruises and see how vacationing on the water can owe you money and help you enjoy the travel experience of lifetime.


Working with a travel agency could save you even more on the cruise of your dreams. While booking airfare on your own makes a lot of sense, sometimes it helps to have a professional in your corner when choosing a cruise line and a cabin. A good travel agency will have established strategic partnerships with every cruise line in the industry, allowing it to create the top of a lifetime at an unbelievable price. If you know how to shop, you can save substantial amount of money on the vacation of your dreams.


Last Minute Travel Means Deep Discounts If you are flexible with your travel plans you may be able to save even more. Like hotel chains, cruise lines always have unsold inventory, and if they do not fill it they lose that revenue. Those cruise lines would rather sell those last remaining cruise cabins at a deep discount than miss out on the revenue altogether. You may be able to land a real bargain simply by checking those last-minute deals and packing your bags.


Even if dropping everything and hitting the high seas is not your style, you may still be able to get some great discounts on the trip of a lifetime. Cruise lines offer a number of special discounts aimed at many different demographics, from older adults and members of professional organizations to members of certain professions, employees of specific companies and even employees of certain companies. Check with your employer-you never know when the company you work for could save you money on your next vacation.


It is easy to see why vacationing on the open sea is such a popular thing to do. If you are looking for your next great adventure, just check out what the cruise lines have to offer. You might be pleasantly surprised.

5 Ways to Make Your Overseas Vacation Travel Easier


Are you getting ready to take a trip? Will you be traveling overseas? Is this your first major vacation? If you’ve never traveled abroad before, you might be wondering how everything is going to go. Maybe you’re worried you’ll forget an important document or you’ll accidentally end up on the wrong flight. Maybe you’re concerned about finding your way around a foreign city or making it to your destination at all. No matter where you’re planning to visit, there are a few things you can do to make your overseas vacation travel a little bit easier.


1 Pack light


No matter how light you think you packed, you definitely packed too much. When you’re traveling overseas for the first time, it’s easy to go overboard with packing. You want to be prepared for anything, after all. It’s normal to overcompensate by throwing in an extra pair of pants, an extra shirt or even extra socks. Instead of packing more than you think you’ll need, try to pack less. You can always do laundry at your destination. Even if your hotel doesn’t have a laundry room, chances are there will be at least one public laundry facility nearby. You can also buy souvenir shirts or extra clothes when you arrive at your destination.


  1. Learn the language


You probably won’t learn a complete foreign language before your trip; however, you should try to learn a few key phrases before your vacation. Many staff members at international resorts will speak English, but if you plan to do any exploring or you’re going to stay at a hostel, you need to speak at least a little of the local dialed. You can purchase a guidebook with key phrases, download an app or even check out YouTube videos for tips on speaking.


3 Create a plan


Before you leave, create a tentative plan. How long will you stay? How many days do you want to spend in each city? What attractions do you definitely want to see? Do you have any goals or hopes for the trip? If you plan to participate in any excursions, you should find out how to book these before you leave for your trip, as some tours require advance booking. Other sightseeing activities, such as visiting museums, you can tentatively plan ahead of time and then purchase tickets when you arrive.


4 Be flexible


Even if you create a detailed plan prior to leaving on your vacation, things can go wrong. Maybe it will rain on a day when you wanted to go hiking. Maybe a tour you hoped to participate in will be booked solid. No matter what happens, try to maintain a positive attitude and stay flexible. Remember there are plenty of different activities you can do at your destination. Even if you can’t do a specific activity you wanted to, chances are you can find a replacement fairly easily.


  1. Stay safe


Traveling overseas isn’t without Dons. Make sure you stay safe during your journey. Travel in a group as much as possible. If you want to wander off, make sure someone knows where you’re going. Leave a copy of your itinerary with family members back home. Make sure you have a copy of your passport and other important documents. Traveling can be a lot of fun, but it’s even more fun when you’re safe about it.

No vacation is perfect, but with planning and preparation, your international trip can be one you remember for the rest of your life.


What’s the Best Time to Travel to Hawaii?



If you’re looking to book a vacation, wedding or other event getaway in Hawaii, chances are you have been wondering, “What’s the best time to travel to Hawaii?” However, this does not necessarily have an easy answer. As with most aspects of a Hawaiian vacation, it’s largely subjegative. Will you be wanting to surf during your vacation? Go on some scenic and unforgettable hikes? Do some whale watching? Or are you simply looking for the best ✓ices and thinnest crowds? This article will explain the best times to visit Hawaii depending on what you are looking for in your trip.


“Wet” and “Dry” Seasons


First, let’s tackle the two “seasons” that Hawaii has wet and dry. Technically, the wet season is between November and March, but it’s important to remember that every island has micro weather systems daily, so it is likely to rain on one part of each island almost every day. For example, the wet (North) side of Kauai receives 40-50 inches of rainfall each year and it can often rain even during the “dry” season, while the dry (South) side may not see any rain between June and October.


If weather is a concern, the best times to visit are at the very beginning or end of the dry season. This means early May to June, or late September to November. These promise to be the most temperate times when the sun is not too hot, but you have a low chance of being caught in the rain.


Sunning and Swimming


If your dream vacation in Hawaii consists of a whole lot of sunbathing, sand, and hanging out in the ocean, then you’ll want a summer trip to the islands Starting in June, the trade winds lessen and the surf calms down. The heat is just right for a swim or some watersports in the now-temperate water. But by late August, it be too warm for many people’s comfort. Temperatures in late summer can reach into the 90s, the sand can burn, the water can warm up into the 8os, and there are very few breezes to slacken the heat.


If you can’t wait to get that golden tan and do some swimming/snorkeling/surfing, book a top between early June and late July. However, be aware that this is the most popular time for families to visit the islands so you will have more crowds and slightly higher prices.


Whale Watching


Starting in November, large populations of whales make their way to the waters around Hawaii to give birth. They stay until late May raising their young, and can be seen breaching the water, slapping their tales, and occasionally even jumping It’s truly an amazing site, and many of the islands have areas where you can watch them from the shore. Or you can book one of the many boat tours to venture out closer to the action and take plenty of pictures! If whale watching is on your to-do list for Hawaii, look for a top between late November and late April. Be aware that even boat tours will not get you right on top of the whales, as Hawaii state law requires they keep a distance of at least loo yards for the safety of the whales as well as the people.


Hiking and Walking Tours


It may not be well-known, but the islands of Hawaii all offer gorgeous hikes on active and extinct volcanoes through lush jungle, and overlooking breathtaking views. There are also many walking tours that will take you through abandoned sugar canes factories and fields, through quaint and historic twins and villages, and more. If you are planning to explore Hawaii on foot, there are times of the year that are far better than others Between late November and late February, the rains are high and often wash out the trails You could even be stuck in a storm that wasn’t active when you started a hike, but now has you slogging through heavy mud and worse. On the flip side, the height of dry season can be problematic due to the heat – some hikers suffer heat stroke every year due to this

Instead, pick dates between October and November or between, March and June to find the perfect “sweet spot” of less • and only mild heat. This will ensure you enjoy either your walk or hike to the fullest!


Avoiding the Crowds


You may be anxious to get to Hawaii and just relax, but worded about dealing with crowds during your getaway. If this is the case, you may want to look at traveling to the islands during the wet season. Around September, families all but stop visiting the islands, the weather is cooling down (though never gets cold), and there are far less tourists to be seen.


The term “wet season” may scare you a bit, but don’t worn’. It only means that the chances of rain are higher, but it hardly rains for an entire day, and never gets cold. In fad, he brief bouts of rainfall may be a welcome respite from the relentless sun and heat. It definitely doesn’t rule out swimming or sunbathing, and many tourist activities are still available.

However, if you have your eyes set on a boat tour during this time, be aware that a storm during your trip may change, delay, or even cancel the top. Many boaters know to stay out of the waters in a storm. Also, be aware that there is one time during the “off’ season that is very much “on”: the week before Christmas through the week after New Year’s are often very busy, and you will see an increase in travel, lodging, and attraction prices.


As mentioned, the best time to visit Hawaii is largely objective to what you plan to do on your trip, but no matter when you go or what you plan to do, it’s always best to plan ahead and book well in advance. Many hotels and cabins will be booked 6-H months in advance, and booking your sightseeing events in advance often means scoring the best deal, so be sure to build your itinerary long before you make the tip!


Is It Really That Expensive To Go On A Cruise?

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Maybe you heard it from your uncle, or a friend who went (or never went) on a cruise, on how expensive going on one of these is.

Well let us tell you that taking a cruise is the same as flying.

Nowadays anyone can fly, really. In the 1970s? Only the wealthy could take this luxury.

Same goes with cruises.

If you want the luxury of a first class cruise, with top notch service and decadent dinners and shows, you don’t need to max up your credit card or go broke after your trip to repay it.

You see, taking a cruise is not as expensive as it sounds.

You see, according to Nomadic Matt, it is not as bad as it sounds, as he reckons you can take a cruise for $30 a day.

The most crucial things to keep in mind are the planning and logistics.

As with buying a flight and booking a hotel, you also have to apply the same to booking a cruise, plus a cruise might be a more enjoyable experience than a flight.

So what’s the difference?

A flight will take you from A to B

A cruise? The same

The difference is that with a cruise, you will have super quality service, shows, a swimming pool, many bars and entertainment spots and even a casino if you are lucky.

Not so much on a plane if you ask me.

Flying has improved by miles in the past decade, and now with suites such as the Singapore Airlines suites, airlines are trying to make flying a fun and entertaining experience, which is true. It is much better than before but will never match a cruise.

Conclusion? If you haven’t gone in a cruise, now it’s the time to start doing your research, and if you have, why not go on one again!