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How to Relocate Abroad and Travel The World At The Same Time

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I went on a holiday in Melbourne, Australia and had such an amazing three weeks that I decided to move there for good after nearly a decade of working in Silicon Valley. But instead of flying out and moving into my new home straightaway, I opted to see more of the world first. Yes, you can move to a new country and travel at the same time.

Here’s how I did it.

I booked a month-long cruise.

Before I moved to the other side of the world, I booked a month long British Isles Cruise, which started from Fort Lauderdale in Florida and ended in Southampton, UK. Along the way we got to visit Portugal, Spain, France, England, Ireland, and Scotland. The ship even made a port of call twice in France (for Paris and Normandy)!

For me, cruising is one of the most relaxing ways to see the world. I don’t have to look for hotels, book flights, catch trains, and make car rental arrangements. I’m instantly on vacation mode as soon as I set foot on the ship. Itineraries are taken care of and there’s no need to lug suitcases around from one place to another – I have to unpack only once!

As I thought about it, the best part of the entire experience was I got to explore several countries in one trip. I got to enjoy all the highlights each destination had to offer and didn’t have to go through a series of travel hits and misses. I was completely pampered – it was quality “me-time” before I embarked on another adventure, which was living overseas.

The moving-to-Australia preparations were underway while I was on a holiday!

I hired a removals company capable of handling every aspect of moving overseas, from packing and picking up all my possessions from my old place, to delivery and setting them all up in my new apartment. I was worry-free throughout the cruise knowing experts were on top of the situation.

Moving abroad and traveling the world is very doable – the secret is to get the help of relocation experts who provide  door-to-door moving services to make the transition to new country as smooth and stress-free as a cruise trip!

Is It Really That Expensive To Go On A Cruise?

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Maybe you heard it from your uncle, or a friend who went (or never went) on a cruise, on how expensive going on one of these is.

Well let us tell you that taking a cruise is the same as flying.

Nowadays anyone can fly, really. In the 1970s? Only the wealthy could take this luxury.

Same goes with cruises.

If you want the luxury of a first class cruise, with top notch service and decadent dinners and shows, you don’t need to max up your credit card or go broke after your trip to repay it.

You see, taking a cruise is not as expensive as it sounds.

You see, according to Nomadic Matt, it is not as bad as it sounds, as he reckons you can take a cruise for $30 a day.

The most crucial things to keep in mind are the planning and logistics.

As with buying a flight and booking a hotel, you also have to apply the same to booking a cruise, plus a cruise might be a more enjoyable experience than a flight.

So what’s the difference?

A flight will take you from A to B

A cruise? The same

The difference is that with a cruise, you will have super quality service, shows, a swimming pool, many bars and entertainment spots and even a casino if you are lucky.

Not so much on a plane if you ask me.

Flying has improved by miles in the past decade, and now with suites such as the Singapore Airlines suites, airlines are trying to make flying a fun and entertaining experience, which is true. It is much better than before but will never match a cruise.

Conclusion? If you haven’t gone in a cruise, now it’s the time to start doing your research, and if you have, why not go on one again!