Is It Really That Expensive To Go On A Cruise?

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Maybe you heard it from your uncle, or a friend who went (or never went) on a cruise, on how expensive going on one of these is.

Well let us tell you that taking a cruise is the same as flying.

Nowadays anyone can fly, really. In the 1970s? Only the wealthy could take this luxury.

Same goes with cruises.

If you want the luxury of a first class cruise, with top notch service and decadent dinners and shows, you don’t need to max up your credit card or go broke after your trip to repay it.

You see, taking a cruise is not as expensive as it sounds.

You see, according to Nomadic Matt, it is not as bad as it sounds, as he reckons you can take a cruise for $30 a day.

The most crucial things to keep in mind are the planning and logistics.

As with buying a flight and booking a hotel, you also have to apply the same to booking a cruise, plus a cruise might be a more enjoyable experience than a flight.

So what’s the difference?

A flight will take you from A to B

A cruise? The same

The difference is that with a cruise, you will have super quality service, shows, a swimming pool, many bars and entertainment spots and even a casino if you are lucky.

Not so much on a plane if you ask me.

Flying has improved by milesĀ in the past decade, and now with suites such as the Singapore Airlines suites, airlines are trying to make flying a fun and entertaining experience, which is true. It is much better than before but will never match a cruise.

Conclusion? If you haven’t gone in a cruise, now it’s the time to start doing your research, and if you have, why not go on one again!


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